Your First Audition


The audition can be anything from a 15 minute chat with you and your child, to a much longer session where the child will be asked to go through some of the motions that will be required from them on the shoot.

Photographs will probably be taken, perhaps even a screen test with a recording on video. Young children may be asked to play games to see if they can accept direction. Older children, going for a part in a drama may be asked to read something from the script.

It is extremely important that you are always punctual for your auditions and jobs as our clients do not take kindly to people arriving late and upsetting their schedules.

Always make sure your child knows they are represented by Scallywags. Please let us know if your child loses any teeth or has a complete change of hairstyle.

The more relaxed your child is the more professional they will appear.  This also applies to mums and dads.  Do not express surprise if your audition takes just a few minutes, or if there are more than a dozen other candidates present.

You are not told immediately the result of the audition. If your child is chosen we are normally informed within a few days. If we do not call you please feel free to call the office to check there has not been an oversight.

Once your child has been confirmed for the job we will negotiate all contracts and rates with our client. The fees will then be approved by you. As details of the job come through we will pass the information along. There are many factors involved when producing a shoot, because numerous people are involved it all normally comes together quite late on in the schedule. So the time and location are normally finalised the day before.

We have always had a good working relationship with all our mums, dads and children and try our best to be a friendly agency.  However we must appear professional to all our clients.  You are all individually special to us and we know without your cooperation Scallywags would not be what it is today - one of London’s top child model and talent  agencies for babies, kids and teens.

Using Suitable Photos


Pictures are one of the most important things when applying. We need to see your face and body shot in a clean and professional way. If you have professional portfolio or studio shots please upload them. A client will prefer to see that your child is happy not just with parents but also with strangers taking their photo. If you do not this simple guide should help you get the most out of your digital camera.

The Set

Get assistance in taking your photos, you can’t do it on your own. Photos need to be shot in good light. The background needs to be as clutter-free as you can make it. Standing against a blank wall is perfect. Be near natural soft light settings, direct sunlight may dazzle the photo and make it look blurry.


If you have long hair take one shot with your hair tied back so that we can see your full facial structure and a second shot with your hair out. Like the photo, you must present yourself as a clean, uncluttered canvas. Do not make the common mistake of over-dressing. A simple vest and a good pair of jeans are ideal. Posing In terms of posing, stand up straight with your shoulders back. We prefer a relaxed, neutral expression and also a smiling shot. This gives us a good idea of bone structure and versatility. Stand with your arms casually at your side and body straight, looking directly into the camera in front of you. Ensure you also have a facial close up and full length taken.

Things to Avoid

Friends, family or other people in shot Blurry unfocused images, the pictures should be sharp enough to show the details A self photo taken in the mirror Photos of photos Face paint For Babies and Toddlers Remove dummies or pacifiers Remove earrings If your child is accepted onto our books we would recommend they have some professional photos taken.